Discover new opportunities

Try a really effective internet-marketing

High conversion rate
(visitors → customers)

contacts only with the really interested visitors

Useful information material

for potential clients of your company

A symbiosis between high-quality content and advertisement

accurately directed
at your target audience’s demands

Direct way
to your target

Do you want to gain the target audience cheaper than via other channels?

The dynaads system allows attracting audience at a lower cost than the majority of the most effective channels.

Do you want to get really profitable contacts?

The dynaads system generates profitable contacts with potential customers, really interested in buying your products/services.

Why are we confident of a successful outcome?

The efficiency of our technology has been confirmed by the best independent analytic systems.

How it works

Structure of a page with dynaads

You are the only advertiser on the page.
It’s only potential customers interested in your products
and services that reach a page hosted on dynaads platforms.
Learn more about the technology
logic of dynaads
average CTR15%
An advertisement block at the end of an article

Each article ends in a non-intrusive advertising text block stimulating the visitor’s choice to fall on the advertiser.

Content on the page

An editorial containing useful information on the subject, answering the visitor’s demand and optimized for the target queries of potential clients.


Each page is branded: has the logo and is designed in the corresponding colour scheme. the brand is being promoted within the target group, which gives a good effect with postponed demand.

Advertising text/graphic blocks

Consist of an illustration and a text, in which the accent is set on the advantages and peculiarities of the product. by the link, the visitor can reach the target page of the site. the number of blocks for one publication varies from 4 to 8.


Conspicuous advertising blocks accurately answer the visitor’s demands and are placed in such a way that he will be able to react promptly: call, go to the order page or the product’s page.

Those potential clients who are at the stage of gathering information and making the decision are provided with an informative article which gives answers to their questions and motivates them to choose the advertiser as his provider of the service/product.


Each article is made in accordance with the goal of strengthening the advertiser’s credibility with the visitors.

The articles are published on the web sites of big mass media, thus giving the information out from an authoritative third party.

Detailed articles, unfolding the subject, allow presenting the information from the right perspective, while retaining the feel of an expert behind them.


At the lead paragraph of an article is placed a noticeable block in the advertiser’s corporate colours and containing the logo, which familiarises the potential clients with the advertiser’s brand.

The brand is only promoted within the target group, which makes postponed demand more efficient.

Efficiency in figures

High conversion rate demonstrates the efficiency of the system in different fields of internet business

6% Request for a bank guarantee 2,3%Sending a form for a loan 8% Opening a demo account forex 0,6% Application for a global brand’s franchise 1,7% Credit lawyer's consultation
1,6% Interior doors (a product to the shopping cart) 1,2% Home furniture (placing an order) 0,9% Elite footwear (registration of a product) 2,15% Coffee machines (adding to the shopping cart) 0,91% Bedding (placing an order)
0,8% Rehabilitation
2,4% Medical tests
(arranging an appointment)
20,3% Eswt
6,53% Dentistry (a loan application for treatment) 70,17% Dentistry
(find out prices)
25,3% General conversion in all respects 20% Calculation of the cost of travel insurance 8,6% Sending a form for travel insurance 3% Calculation of CASCO 1,5% Application on CASCO

Cases dynaads

KCK - groupb2b

Goal: Attracting new clients in the sphere of audit and consulting services

Result: ROI 1150%

See the case


The dynaads system allows you to get contacts while maintaining conversion on one level with the most effective sources, such as contextual advertising and organic traffic from search engines.

Think about

Pay by results. the cost of attracting one new client with the use of the dynaads technology will be lower compared to your best current sources.

5 questions,

most frequently asked

  1. 1

    Who are the visitors of the pages with the articles?

    Potential clients only, who have expressed their demands in specific queries.

  2. 2 Why publish articles on major mass media sites and using the dynaads technology? An independent authoritative platform allows to give out the information from a third person, which adds to the advertisers’s credibility with potential clients.
  3. 3 What allows to pull in target audience so efficiently? The control system of dynaads, upon which base sections on mass media platforms are created, is perfectly adapted for working with search engines.
  4. 4 How benefitial such working might be financially? We’re willing to offer target contacts at costs suitable for our clients.
  5. 5 How much does an ad compaign with dynaads cost? The cost depends on the platform, overall number of articles, the advertiser’s field of activity and consists of two parts: the lump sum for production of material (the creating of the channel) and a replenished deposit which is consequently spent for the results.